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Ürper Farm – Contact Info

Kurtuluş Mh. Göçbeyli Yolu Caddesi  571 Ada 76 Parsel,
35700 Bergama/İzmir

TEL: +90 533 934 79 80

Ürper Farm

Ürper broiler breeding facility was started by Ürper Gıda partner Fikret Ürper in 2009, and 23,500 square meters of indoor production facilities on a total of 90,000 square meters of land have started to operate at full capacity since 2012 with a total of 13 poultry houses with a capacity of approximately half a million poultry. Our company, which creates employment and added value in its region, meets all the energy it consumes with Renewable Solar Energy. Having Environmental Impact Assessment document and Good Agricultural Practices; Our exemplary production facilities, where the latest technology and equipment are used, have become one of the leading enterprises in the sector in breeding.

Administrative building and training hall within the facility; The happiness of the employees and families is targeted with 11 lodgings, playgrounds, drinking water treatment, domestic waste treatment and social areas.