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Foundations of Ürper Gıda was built by deceased Naşit Ürper in 1956 as grocery store and provided services in grocery sector since 1971. Starting from 1971, Ürper Gıda undertake sales and marketing of wholesale food and convenience goods. In 1994, Ünver Gıda became distributor of Philip Morris Sabancı Marketing and Sale Inc., Turkish subsidiary of Philip Morris International. PMI products are marketed and sold in Bayraklı, Çiğli, Menemen, Foça, Aliağa, Bergama, Dikili, Kınık, Soma, Kırkağaç regions. Since 1996, Ürper Gıda offers services as Horizon Gıda distributor of Ülker group under Yıldız Holding in Bornova, Bayraklı, Karşıyaka, Çiğli, Menemen, Foça, Aliağa, Bergama, Kınık, Soma, Dikili, Ayvalık, Burhaniye, Gömeç, Edremit, and Havran districts.

From 2010, Ürper Gıda started offering services in live broiler sector and from 2015, the company started offering services in construction sector.

Our central office of the firm is in Bergama with 12,500 m2 open area and 3000 m2 closed area, in Edremit branch with 1,200 m2 open area and 650 m2 closed area, and in İzmir branch with 6000 M2 open area and 3,750 m2 closed area.

Distribution network of the company is present in 3 cities with 6000 sales points, 110 vehicle fleet, and more than 160 personnel.


With rapidly changing technology, Ürper Gıda is planning to contribute surrounding region and country, completely adapting to rapidly changing world, digitalisation, and equipping all employees to meet these changes. These objectives will always be the most important guider for Ürper Gıda to reach the next step and become sector leader with strong presence.


Fundamental mission of Ürper Gıda since the day of establishment is to consolidate financial structure to move the country economy forward, increase employment quality, and achieve highest level of efficiency based on “happy employee, happy society” principle and to support all employees to reach the value and competency they deserve. Additionally, with all this unity and dynamism, Ürper Gıda believes that the company will achieve sustainable and constant growth with successful and solid business partners. The main principle of the company is benefit from new business opportunities in sectors with long-years of experience that is built on solid foundation with systematic business structure and turn “fast, reliable, trustworthy service” motto into applicable form.

My life started in 12 December 1938 in Bergama, and my commercial life started in 1956 with my grocery store. Since 1971, I worked as a grocery store owner for 15 years and after that with the offer of my beloved and respectful family member Mr. Yusuf Ürper, I took İsmail Arıkan with us and continued wholesale grocery product sales with Koll. company. In 1970s, commerce was much harder than current environment. We offered service vehicles to nearby groceries in our region. However, the roads were horrible and there was problem with fuel. No matter what the problem was, we loved our job, and it is hard for someone to fail if that person loves his/her job. We worked together for 4 years and ended our partnership. I was alone. Those years, there was famine in the country, most of the products cannot be found or supplied in limited amount. I was trying to satisfy more customers by dividing 1 kg tea package to 100 gr small packages. In 70s, while grocery store customers couldn’t find these products, we brought the service to their feet.

My thought from the first day of my work life was always the customer satisfaction. Because we were offering service to our customers to where they were. Our customers don’t need to leave their workplace, and spare time to supply what we offer to them. At the same time, with regular weekly visits, we consolidated our friendship. Can I person make his/her friend sad? Therefore, we reached these days with our friends and customers who are happy to work with us. In 90s, I believed that it is better to leave the work to new generation and I did that. But this does not mean I completely left commerce life. I still come to work every morning. Because I feel happy to breath this air in me.
I am extremely excited to see how our country is developing and growing. And we are still discussing how we can contribute to this positive direction, planning new investments, and making these investments with opportunities we have.

“Success is always there for honest, correct, and hardworking people”.
Love and respects…

Honorary President Naşit Ürper deceased in 01 October 2015.

Dear Customers, business partners, employees
Our company founded in 1956 and works as Ürper Gıda Ltd Inc. since 1971 has completed sustainable projects with Ürper corporate culture and strong knowledge and experience. Our company undertakes sales and marketing activities since 1971… We believe that our company working in the same business field for more than 45 years had proved the success in our country and around the world. With passing years, our company is becoming more dynamic with years and innovative and creative thinking in our company is becoming stronger.

Our main idea is to transfer our experience, knowledge, and company culture to current conditions and with this idea, growing controlled and sustainable manner with solid foundations. Our multi-dimensional development approach with stable and sustainable characteristics that will support our financial side will move privileged stand of Company to forward.

Core of this idea has always been “HUMAN” that is honest, hardworking, well-educated, and open to development. Changing economic conditions show that it is time for companies that work in real business fields. Our purpose is to transfer our culture from our past to future that always considers humans as core asset.


Fikret ÜRPER
Board Director

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