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The future of our world, our country, our city and our business is in our hands. We are trying to contribute to sustainability for our business, our country and our world in every subject we can touch within our sphere of influence. We strive to implement this as a corporate culture and employee behavior.

Sustainability is one of our most important values and this will continue to increase. Because this world, this country, this business is ours and we need to hold on to these values in order to continue to exist.

A sustainable future with Ürper…

Our Strategic Priorities

As Ürper, we have gathered our sustainability priorities under 3 main headings.

Reducing the environmental footprint

As Ürper, we meet all of the energy we consume in all our fields of activity from renewable energy sources with a power of approximately 3 MW. We reduce the annual carbon emission amount of our nearly 270 employees from nature with renewable energy. We strive to create a sustainable future for the next generations.

After the fire that occurred in Izmir in August 2019 and burned an area of ​​500 hectares; As Ürper, we have donated saplings to the forests of İzmir through the TEMA foundation on behalf of all our customers.

As Ürper, we parse our solid wastes in all our fields of activity. We parse and recycle approximately 30 tons of solid waste annually.

We use LEO lighting and sensors in all our construction infrastructure and during the construction of our warehouses. In this way, we save 120,000 kWh of electricity per year.

We treat all domestic waste from 11 lodgings in our broiler farm and all waste water from broiler farms at the treatment facility in our facility.

Approximately 6 tons of animal manure coming out of our broiler farms is used to be converted into energy in the biogas facility in our region.

Good Agricultural Practices, which are the application of TR Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, are applied in our broiler farm.

Social Impact Management

As Ürper Gıda, we became the project supporter of the organization established by Bergama Animal Lovers Association and Bergama Fine Works Association to reduce the harm of electronic waste to nature and to support the treatment of stray animals. We ensured that both the waste supply and the collected wastes were delivered to the required points.

With the “I don’t throw litter out of my vehicle.” campaign, we are trying to convey all our sensitivity to the drivers of our region in order not to throw litter out of the vehicle and to keep our environment clean by inserting this informative message to the back of all our vehicles.

In our broiler farm; The happiness of our colleagues and their families is aimed with 11 lodgings for our colleagues, a special land area for cultivation, a playground and social areas for each lodging.


Operational Excellence

As Ürper Gıda, we cover 2,500,000 km per year with all of our sales vehicles. To be brief, we tour around the world in a year about 63 times.

With the new generation engines that we use in our vehicles, we reduce the harmful gases emitted to nature. At the same time, while saving 6,000 liters of fuel per year, we emit 16 tons less CO2 and 3 times less Nox.